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• we combine what you have to say with what your audience would like to read

• we find readers in their natural environment

• we guarantee high media discounts

Native advertising is an innovative tool used in the field of content marketing. At first glance, it is indistinguishable from an ordinary article in a newspaper or on an Internet portal. It usually comes in a form similar to a guide. It is accepted and very eagerly clicked by Internet users, and highly valued by advertisers. Such a sponsored article allows for a virtually invisible and natural description of the brand or product name. Native advertisements are characterized by the fact that they blend into the editorial context of the website or press. Thus, they guarantee a sustainable user experience, which increases user engagement and brand credibility. There is nothing worse than intrusive advertising. It happens that due to frequent pop-up windows or advertising photos that cover half of the page, we fail to read the article to the end. The result is that the user ignores the advertising content. As a result, the brand is perceived in a negative way.

Native advertising conveys content in such a way as to advertise a given product or service in a very subtle and non-invasive way. A person who reads a given text or watches graphics or video pays attention primarily to high-quality content, and the advertisement itself is its hidden aspect. Is their effectiveness high enough to convince potential customers? Definitely yes. The perfect native ad will make you feel like you are reading a good-quality article that provides factual and interesting information.

We support marketing, image and sales goals through media relations activities. We have contact with journalists whom we reach by creating press releases and unique content that complies with the standards they are used to and trust.

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