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• we always want the WOW effect

• we say where it is worth showing up

• we provide a natural context

• we negotiate rates

• we supervise production

Product placement is placing it in the middle of a radio or television message in such a way that it speaks to the subconscious of the recipient in a simple and legible way and, above all, encourages him to use it. It is not an obvious advertisement and thanks to that it is currently one of the most commonly used marketing tools. This non-standard form of promotion consists in presenting a product, service or trademark in such a way that it constitutes an integral part of the production. What is the power of such a message? First, credibility. Secondly - showing the product in its most natural environment and finally, thirdly - broadcast outside the advertising blocks.

Because we care about the best effect, we pay special attention to where it is worth showing up. Long-term cooperation with the best editorial offices in Poland helps us in this. Thanks to this, we are not only able to provide the most natural context in which the product will appear, but also to negotiate rates and supervise production.

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