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• we tell you who is worth talking to

• we cooperate with the best editorial offices

• together we create your most interesting story

• we create circumstances to talk to the media

• we inspire publications

• we monitor what they say and write

Media relations, i.e. shaping a positive image of the client through the mass media, is one of the most important aspects of the brand building strategy. We know with whom and when to talk, and thanks to cooperation with the best editorial offices, together we can create the most interesting story. We inspire publications and suggest when and what to write about.

Importantly, we also create opportunities to talk to the media. We realize that in order to establish and maintain successful cooperation, it is necessary to become aware of the nature of the work of a journalist.

It is also necessary to be aware of the requirements that individual media - the Internet, radio, press, television - set for themselves when obtaining information. We know from practice that a well-written and, above all, objective press article is able to authenticate the company in the eyes of the reader more than an advertisement. We know what the recipients expect, which is why we offer reliable communication and maintaining good relations with the media. We monitor every piece of information that goes to the media.

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