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How to increase social and brand recognition and become a leading expert in AI?


About the startups

According to statistics*, 9 out of 10 startups in the world fail, and only 30 percent reach a status where revenues exceed costs. In 14 percent of cases, this happens because of bad marketing and lack of communication. Thus, it is important to keep it in mind when planning your strategy. Reporting about successes, new products, and services not only builds the image of the company as a leader and expert in the industry but also helps to reach out to potential partners, investors, and customers. A good example is the Polish company, SentiOne, listed as one of the 10 hottest startups of 2021 by "Rzeczpospolita" daily.

SentiOne is a Polish startup founded in 2011, it uses advanced AI technology to support brands in dealing with customer service automation and online monitoring. The company offers its customers a wide range of solutions, they include monitoring online users' opinions and an integrated customer service platform as well as a new generation of chatbots that understand speakers' intentions with 96% effectiveness.


SentiOne's online monitoring solutions are already available in 147 countries around the world, including Europe, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, and Australia. Their algorithms can monitor and analyze communication in 81 languages, covering 71% of the world's population. In Poland, they analyze 42 million online public statements from social media, forums, blogs, and articles every day. The company has won, among others, the Deloitte Polska "Technology Fast 50 Central Europe" ranking.


Cooperation objectives

SentiOne operates in the marketing industry, offering, among others, online and social media monitoring services. The company is also specializing in the automation of customer service and using AI and chatbots to communicate with customers. SentiOne's target customers include communication and customer service automation specialists in banks and other organizations as well as owners of medium-sized and large businesses.


SentiOne has established four main goals of cooperation with Rocket Science Agency:

1. building the company's image in the AI field

2. positioning experts in the field of AI and the brand as an industry leader

3. boosting media coverage as well as brand awareness among potential customers

4. building awareness of the role of social and brand listening as well as customer service industry automation supported by AI


Solution for SentiOne

During our cooperation, we have used many tools, such as press releases, interviews and expert commentaries, rankings, guest articles, trend analyses, and case studies.


To meet our challenge, Rocket Science proposed a communication strategy that included several comprehensive solutions. First, the development of product and business communication supported by press releases informing about the company's business and financial results as well as new features offered by the platform. In our next step, we used our customer’s unique data to develop interesting content for journalists and readers. That included reports based on the results of social and brand listening analyses. Our Agency also decided to position SentiOne specialists' communication in media and present them at conferences as industry experts. In addition, we continued to prepare and publish press releases about the company's achievements, such as SentiOne’s successful launch on the MENA market or the grant awarded by the NCBiR (National Center for Research and Development).


Performance indicators

A key element of our cooperation is increasing the coverage. During our 10-month collaboration, we developed 1030 publications with the advertising equivalent of over PLN 5m net. The average monthly advertising equivalent from publications is PLN 500k net.


Key achievements

Our achievements include requests for proposals we receive from potential customers or invitations to tenders/calls after publications about AI and social listening. SentiOne CEO, Kamil Bargiel, was invited to the 13th European Economic Congress as the main panelist and AI expert. His speech was mentioned in 81 publications across the media.


Our success is also reaching out to the key business newspapers and magazines, such as Rzeczpospolita, “Forbes”, “Parkiet”, “Puls Biznesu”, portal as well as and


Now, after successful implementation of the communication strategy in Poland, SentiOne has decided to team up with our Agency again and launch PR activities on the Hungarian market.





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